"MY" or "AA" Order Information

"MY" or "AA" Order Status - SCAM ALERT - BEWARE!

Just so you know, MyCustomBobblehead.com order numbers DO NOT start with "MY" or "AA". We believe you placed the order with someone else by the name of "mycustombobblehead S . com" (with "S" at the end)

Please note that we ARE NOT ASSOCIATED or AFFILIATED with that "company". Please take a moment to review the email correspondence you exchanged with them (most likely the only one you received was an automated order confirmation email) and validate the email address you received that message from. Their email address "cs@mycustombobbleheadS.com" ends in "S". We're MyCustomBobblehead.com (singular) and our company email address is CustomerService@MyCustomBobblehead.com.

We're MyCustomBobblehead.com (singular). Beware of that "company"!!! We have received so many complaints from their customers that we had to put together this email response and a section on our website to respond to all their unhappy customers' inquiries about lack of or no communication whatoever since the order was placed, incomplete orders, poor product quality and lack of resemblance of the finished "product" (if you happen to receive anything at all), unauthorized credit card charges, etc.

We do hope you find a way to contact these "individuals" and get your order issue(s) resolved, if not your money back, as soon as possible. As an advise from a legitimate company which has been in Business for over 19 years now, the most secured, and fastest way to recover your money is by disputing the charge with your Credit Card company and/or Credit Card issuing Bank as you have not received the product and/or service you paid for. These individuals / scammers are not located in the US and most likely won't be willing to spend the $30 fee to dispute your dispute. Please refer to your Credit Card statement and verify that the charge was made by a Merchant located in Hong Kong using a completely different Business Name from the website's domain name you placed the order on.

Please let us know should you have any additional questions or need further assistance. We have LIVE customer support 24/7 and our contact information is publicly listed on our website unlike the Business practices of these scammers.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time by email at CustomerService@MyCustomBobblehead.com or by phone at the number listed on our Home Page. We'll be more than glad to provide you with additional information regarding these scammers and how to stop them from making additional illegal charges to your credit card down the road.