Body Proof Image Gallery

Please note that we handcraft our bobbleheads with 100% Polyresin material which is a high-quality resin compound used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. The majority of our competitors use Polymer Clay, a cheap, low-quality, pre-colored sculpting material which, under normal conditions, dries out, cracks and falls apart very easily - choose wisely! For more detailed information, please visit our FAQs section under "Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors"

As soon as we have the first set of proofs sculpted, we will provide you with detail shots of the work in progress for your corresponding review and feedback. These initial detail proofs are often of the head and body, if applicable, in the raw form – usually wax/clay-sculpted. All the revisions are completely FREE of charge and unlimited until you are fully satisfied. As soon as the head and body are fully reviewed and approved, we will cast the resin in the mold and paint the entire sculpture for your final color proof review. You could also browse our Head Proof Image Gallery here or to watch our Sculpting Videos and see the amazing personalization process you will be part of, please click here.