Personalized Keychain - Groomsmen Gifts, Bridal Party Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized Keychain - Groomsmen Gifts, Bridal Party Personalized Gift Ideas

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Personalized Keychains - Groomsmen Gifts, Bridal Party Personalized Gift Ideas - Limited Time Deals Personalized Bobblehead & Cake Topper Custom Bobblehead: This design is part of our Limited Time Deals Collection. Find the best selection of high-quality Collectible & Personalized Bobbleheads available anywhere. Custom Bobbleheads & Personalized Action Figures, Wedding Custom Bobbleheads, Bobble Head Gifts, Superhero Bobbleheads, Groomsman & Bridesmaid Gift, Wedding Cake Toppers, custom bobble heads, bobble head toys, pop bobbleheads, bobble head dog, wobble head, bobble heads, personalized dolls, bobbleheads custom, bobble head dolls.

FREE PERSONALIZED KEYCHAIN LIMITED TIME OFFER: Act now and enjoy this exclusive offer: receive a vibrant, personalized keychain ABSOLUTELY FREE when you order any of our regular-priced personalized Bobblehead designs! Your keychain will capture the essence of your Bobblehead's unique charm, ensuring a doubly delightful experience. Your personalized keychain will be created using an identical duplicate of the head we will sculpt for your bobblehead design. This exhilarating offer is reserved for NEW BOBBLEHEAD ORDERS ONLY, so seize the opportunity while it lasts! 



  • Remember that this Limited Time Offer is ONLY VALID when you purchase 1 or more pre-made or fully customized Bobblehead designs at regular price. 


  • Under the "Customer Type" section, please select the "I'm a Current Customer" option.
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  • Once in the Checkout section, please enter "FREEKeychain" in the discount code textbox and click "Apply"

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Since hairstyles and facial structures differ among individuals, the facial dimensions alone measure approximately 2 inches in height (from forehead top to chin tip), 1.5 inches in width (ear to ear), and 1.5 inches in depth (nose tip to back of ears).



  • "I'm a Current Customer": Applies ONLY to customers who have a Bobblehead order currently being designed which has not been shipped out as of yet. The head to be used on the Bottle Stopper is a Duplicate of the head being sculpted as part of the current unshipped Bobblehead order.
  • "I'm a Past Customer": Applies to Past customers who have already received their Bobblehead order and are now interested in purchasing a Personalized Keychain with the Duplicate head of the already designed and delivered Bobblehead order only.
  • "I'm a New Customer": Applies to New customers who have not previously placed a Bobblehead order with us and are interested in placing a Personalized Keychain order for the first time. Please note that the Duplicate Keychain promotion pricing for Current and/or Past Customer does not apply to New Customers.

    DESIGN TIMELINE: The Standard design process takes approximately from 4 to 6 weeks to be completed plus an additional week for delivery. Unless you purchase the Rush Design AddOn option, you should expect to have the final product delivered in approximately 7-8 weeks for a Standard Order and 4-5 weeks for a Rush Order. Please note that this is simply an estimated timeline since the more revisions you request to be made during the proofing stages, the longer the design process will be. The above estimated timeline assumes only 1 revision request throughout the entire design process. This applies to both Standard and Rush orders. For additional information regarding the Rush Design timeline and pricing, please Click Here.

    GOT QUESTIONS? We're here * LIVE * to answer any you may have regarding the personalization process and what's needed to bring your Bobblehead to life! That's what makes us the No. 1 & Best Selling Personalized Bobblehead Manufacturer with hundreds of thousands of designs sold worldwide!

    Please note that we handcraft our bobbleheads with 100% Polyresin material which is a high-quality resin compound used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. The majority of our competitors use Polymer Clay, a cheap, low-quality, pre-colored sculpting material which, under normal conditions, dries out, cracks and falls apart very easily - choose wisely! For more detailed information, please visit our FAQs section under "Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?".

    HOLIDAY ORDERING SCHEDULE: We want to make sure that you plan your special gift ahead in time for your family and friends to receive and enjoy this one-of-a-kind personalized gift for the holidays. Therefore, in order to allow enough time to complete the personalization process, proofing phases and ensure timely delivery, please visit the Holiday Ordering Schedule section to find out more about our important cutoff dates.

    Custom Bobbleheads & Personalized Cake Toppers & Figurines are ageless, timeless and can suit any occasion or any theme. Be it a wedding, engagement, birthday party to Valentines days, or just for the special "him", "her" or "it" in your life. We can hand-craft and immortalize work of art in the likeness of any Bride & Groom, friend, co-worker or family member. Give this one-of-a-kind gift today and rest assure that you will be remembered forever!


    Please find below a brief description of the design process which includes detail information about our design teams, timelines, proof revision phases and what to expect throughout the personalization design process:

    We do want our customers to be satisfied with the purchase and in order to achieve that goal, we strongly believe that the customer should be part of every single step of the process from start to finish. The design process is a collaborative effort between you, the customer, and us, the design team.

    We have 3 professional design teams around the world: Europe, Asia and South America. Depending on the pre-made design you've chosen from our extensive portfolio, we'll assign a specific design team to work on your order. All the communication must be conducted via email - this includes, but it's not limited to, photograph submission, personalization coordination and proofing phases.

    The entire process starts about 2 to 3 business days after all the detail photographs have been submitted to us, reviewed and approved by us and we have informed you that the design process has been started. As soon as we have the first set of proofs, we will contact you via email and provide you with detail shots of the work in progress for your corresponding review and comments. These initial detail proofs are often of the head(s) in the raw form usually wax/clay-sculpted We will always require your review and approval in writing prior to moving to the next stage of the process. Please allow up to 8 business days from revision to revision. Please note that all facial characteristics such as smile, front and back hair style, eye and mouth shapes, cheek and jaw lines must be carefully reviewed during this initial stage of the design process.

    All the revisions are completely free of charge and you can request them until you are fully satisfied. Once the proofs are approved and the next template molding, baking and painting design stages are started, any modifications will require to start the entire sculpting and painting processes over again. If that was the case, unfortunately there will be a $25 charge per bobblehead. As mentioned above, the more revisions you request to be made during the proofing stages, the longer the design process will be.

    As you review the provided head proofs, please take into consideration that the nature of a bobblehead, unlike those of a figurine or bust, is that the features of the person being sculpted are exaggerated but yet keeping the likeness very obvious. On a bobblehead, the face and head features are not proportional to that of the body. By definition, it's more to the cartoonish side. If you are looking for a photographic replica of the person being sculpted, this is probably not the type of product you are looking for.

    Please visit our Video Library and Head & Body Proof Image Gallery to browse hundreds of sample head and body proofs for your visual reference and as a sneak peek of the amazing sculpting process you will be part of.


    1. Our bobbleheads are handcrafted with 100% Polyresin material. Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. This material could be painted with any color you desire. If needed, the color tone could be easily adjusted at any time during the painting design phase.

      Most of the other companies use Polymer Clay which, besides being a cheaper and low-quality sculpting material, it has a pre-defined color and texture similar to those of kids’ play-dough. Please read carefully their coloring and finishing disclaimers and you will realize that once the sculpting process is started with a given color, the final color tone is pretty much locked – skin or any other color changes cannot be made. Furthermore, just like kids’ play-dough, the fingerprints of the sculptor will be shown all over the finished product. This fact is also mentioned in our competitors’ product disclaimers. Please read them carefully and choose wisely.

      Please visit our Video Library and Head & Body Proof Image Gallery to browse hundreds of sample head and body proofs for your visual reference and as a sneak peek of the amazing sculpting process you will be part of.
    2. Our design quality, professional craftsmanship and detailed finishing are second to none and the best in the industry and trusted by large corporations here in the United States and around the world.

      We are the Number 1 Personalized Bobblehead, Custom Action Figure & Cake Topper Manufacturer with hundreds of thousands of designs sold worldwide.

      Our products are sold all over the world and have been featured in Magazines and TV. Our Custom Bobbleheads have been featured on the NFL TV NetworkESPN – Orange Bowl College Football Playoff Semifinals and named Best NCAA Bowl Game Gift of 2018 by Sports Illustrated Magazine. We rank number 1 in Google under the search keyword “Best Custom Bobbleheads”
    3. Lowest price, most sales and best customer satisfaction of any bobblehead company. Click here to find out more about our lowest price commitment.
    4. You don't have to pay extra to make the head bobble. It's a bobblehead after all.
    5. Fully insured Express shipping and door-to-door delivery Click here for a detailed description about our Worldwide Shipping Policy.
    6. Price Match Guarantee. We'll beat the bobblehead off of any competitor out there! Simply contact us if you happen to find a lower price and we'll match it - Guaranteed! Click here for more information about our Price Match Guarantee.

    For more in-depth information about each of these differentiation facts, please visit our FAQs section under "Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?".

    Sculpting Process Videos: Please click here to watch our sculpting, design and promotional videos and see the amazing personalization process you will be part of.


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